8 Remodeling Tips That Increase the Value of Selling Your Home


home remodeling

The real estate market is in very good time. The decision to sell a property today may be more interesting than renting it, but in order to maximize the potential of your property, it is essential to think of a general remodeling plan to retouch all the details that will make it look much better, without being expensive. These remodeling of your home can achieve great benefits when closing a sale.

When potential buyers visit your home, there are aspects that first check how the structure and the different systems before the questions or aesthetic finishes, although it is important to take care of these aspects, it is not necessary to add those details that will make it look irresistible!

These are our 8 tips for remodeling your home to make it perfect for a successful and profitable sale!

1) The roof: Although it is not a place to be seen at first sight, it is very important that those who wish to visit your home does not find any leakage and make your roof well waterproofed. If you have more than 5 years since you last had roof remodeling, consider painting and waterproofing as part of the investment.

2) The hydraulic system: Plumbing in general is one of the most common repairs in properties, when a real estate does not reveal problems of basic plumbing or maintenance of the hydraulic system, it becomes attractive to the buyers.

Check and repair bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, and various faucets to remove clogs and leaks; the water must flow without any obstacle.

3) The electrical system: Check the installation, as well as the dampers and power outlets, if you have had high consumptions, you can perform a general check to make sure you do not have shorts that are increasing the light expenditure. Consider some lighting tweaks if necessary, you can moderate the intensity of light and use hot light bulbs in the bedrooms and social areas and white light in areas of constant use such as kitchen and offices. This will give a nice atmosphere to the property.

4) The HVAC system: If your home has an integral system of environment that considers heating, ventilation and air conditioning, check it and check its total functioning. It is important to perform periodic maintenance of these systems for proper operation, usually specialized cleanings that improve its performance.

5) The walls: Recent holes and cracks or fissures, however small and insignificant, in addition to painting; the walls should look smooth and luminous. White is a color that gives amplitude to spaces and more light, consider it to show the interiors. Use paint companies with professional painters to achieve the best results. Adding attractive blinds to your windows can quickly make any room look great.

6) Gas installation: Check the condition of the gas line and the tanks to check leaks. Perform a general check to replace any valve or tubing that may require it. Always do it with qualified personnel, since this handling is very delicate.

7) The fa├žade: Remember that the first impression is never forgotten. The maintenance of facades is fundamental to make a property look. This work should be entrusted to architectural firms that ensure a good job.

8) Aesthetic finishes: You should consider the maintenance of plasterboard, ceilings, cladding, installation and maintenance of ceramic floors, hardwood floors or laminate floors if necessary, these are changes that can raise the value of the property and give you a better margin for sale.

home remodeling

All these remodeling services are should performed by the company with expert staff in remodeling and trained technicians that accompanies it in the process of remodeling or maintaining its spaces to achieve a better quality of life for your family.